Monday, June 17, 2013

just lately

we've been:

doin' eachothers hair
(nora, samantha)

 hangin' with our 'dog' friends.
I kid you not, this was a 'Dog Swim Party' with 11 dogs and 12 people.
There was no way to capture the sheer mass of dogs...I kept trying but really, it was just crazy.

 the good news is that all but one of the dogs were rescued from horrible pasts and not a one of them acts like a normal dog...which means we had like 10 water dogs and only one who wanted to get in the water...score a WHOLE pool just for the little human girls ('cept for when someone threw the ball for Lincoln...the Golden below, in the water)
 all those dogs to play with and people to pet her but Bonnie just wanted her people.
sweet sweet little girl!
 for reals...she is just sweet:

we've been IN the kitchen...a LOT.
been trying to do better about teaching these girls of mine to really really cook.
it's my goal to never have to cook again.
hey, one can dream.

Saturday Morning Farmer's Market Crew:
 if you wanted to go with me, you had to wear a hat.

 I still can't get over where we live.
This little market is literally 6 min's from my door step.
 and Samantha loves the Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles in this little town!

We've hung out at a local lake with friends many times already this summer...we look forward to many more lazy days here:

My view when I come home from an evening yoga class:

not pictured are days and days spent at the gymnastics gym,
swim lessons, 
bike races,
lots of ice cream,
house projects,
neighbor kids (yes, even out here we have fun neighbor kids, they just have to walk further to get from house to house!), playing in the creek, afternoon movies...

blah blah blah.

just life.

This all looks good in a blog post but I'm fairly certain I had a breakdown last night, yes, on Father's Day, about what a crappy parent I am.
Pretty sure my words were, "Being a parent is like the only thing I'm doing right now and I'm failing at it.  Failing at the one thing I have to do right now".

Jake, being the awesome dad and husband he is, proceeded to pour into me all the other things I'm doing besides being a parent (I'm just forgetful, all the time) and then we came up with some systems to help me feel better - 'cause I'm a systems girl and with systems, I calm down.

here's to calming's to not being a crappy parent.

back to 'just life'.


Bekah Boo said...

you ARE a good mama! You are .
and you live in the weirdest place. and its so lovely too!
and jeez... the girls are like more grown up and its been like 2 weeks since I saw them!! wahhhhhhhhhh

Courtney said...

i cried myself to sleep last night. haven't done that in a long time. it was about lots of things. one of course was what a bad mom i am :-)

Chelle. said...

'just life' is ...abundant.
great... honest... post.

Missy said...

Ahhh...I've looked at this post like three times, just scrolling through enjoying all your "life" pictures. Makes me happy. Love these "everyday" posts. =)