Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Parade Grass Valley, CA 2013 - American Heritage Girls!

Apparently it's our tradition to just move around to different cities and get involved in groups that march in the 4th of July parades.
Not really, but this IS our third year straight of marching in a 4th of July parade.
No joke.
We even have a 'morning of the parade' routine that followed us from Virginia.

Get up early, 
Put hair up with lots of patriotic ribbon.
Find somewhere to eat breakfast and get a really good parking spot doing so.
Walk to where we're meeting.
Bring a bag of really wet paper towels and patriot temporary tattoos.
Pass out tattoos and get ready to march.

It was 104 degrees outside.
So, basically we felt like really responsible parents putting our children out in that.

My little American Heritage Girls...

Helping to decorate the float!
 being the cutest props on the float!

 And I would like to know who thought this would be appropriate!?

and here we go!!!

the master mind behind it all...Abigail!

just hangin' out waiting for our turn to march!

 Lydia loves herself some wavin' in a parade!!! So cute!

 and our military friends posse!
best part about the military, you can live somewhere for five months and already have a posse!

I was sure the girls would ask to NEVER do that again.
It was so hot and miserable.

But no.
They ALL said they had a blast and can't wait for next year.
Like I said.  It's tradition.
And a precious tradition it is.

Celebrating a day that many men sacrificed and stood up to be brave enough to sign and go to war for our independence.
And independence that would allow us to freely worship Jesus the way we were called to worship Jesus.
So thankful for them, their sacrifice, their bravery, their intelligence and their faith.
Thank you Lord for allowing us to live in the wake of 
their bravery.

We did go see fireworks but we scored a spot in a grocery store parking lot and watched the fireworks from a little farther away than usual.
It's hard to beat watching them over our nation's capital these last three years but fireworks are fireworks and they were fun.
No pictures because we were BEAT and we did a quick IN and OUT just to say we'd seen the fireworks.

4th of July 2013, you weren't too shabby.


Bekah Boo said...

ah! your city!!!
it feels like mayberry!
and that first photo? the girls! SO SO cute! have you seen the "Makayla is not Impressed" stuff? From teh olympics? Samantha's face looks like it!

the girls are so so cute! ah!

Courtney said...


the year we spent with you guys in dc was one of my favorites!!

Missy said...

If you felt like a bad parent being out with your kids in 104 degree heat...I can't imagine what people would say knowing we played everyday outside in 110 degrees! Ha ha!

I've learned that so long as you keep them hydrated...they'll be fine. =) Also, wearing wet clothes helps stay cool too. In the event you wanted to walk around in wet clothes of course. =) But're sweating in them anyways, so it's really not any different!

Love how you guys always end up in a parade! I just love your quaint little town, it's so sweet!

Grettel Luna said...

Creative Parade Decor! Well done! I've enjoyed the pictures!