Monday, July 1, 2013

Fine Arts Camp 2013

the girls participated in a fine arts camp at a local church last week.
such a blast!

stage makeup, percussion, recorder, acting, movie making and crafts.

in other words, 
right up our alley!!!

Samantha's scars:

most of the pictures are of the finale because mama just dropped them off and worked on projects all week!



 Samantha (those are fashion glasses, not real ones)
this girl ATE UP being on stage.
Her face looked like this almost the whole time:

 unless she was concentrating, of course, which wasn't often.
unless you count concentrating on the fact that an entire audience was looking at her?

Lydia was 'Cindy' in their groups rewritten version of Cinderella and she NAILED it.
the girl projected, talked slow enough and had awesome delivery!!! 
so proud of her!
she even did her own make up...don't hate:

 Nora nailed her lines too.  She said each and everyone of them RIGHT when her big sister reminded her to and not a second before!

 Cindy and Prince Optimus lived happily ever after....


Sophie was a mouse.
And she was quiet as a mouse should be.
She nailed her lines...all none of them...which was perfect for my shy little one.
She did, however, NAIL her make up too!

Samantha was a snooty step sister and um...she NAILED that - should I be proud?
yes, yes I should, and boy was I!
 I told you.
Out. of. control.

they did the Wobble.
I. kid. you. not.
no worries.
they did the Wobble to a Christian rap song.

They also made the whole audience do the Wobble with them.
I was proud to say, I already knew it.
I'm hip yo.
Actually, I knew it well enough to be worried when they said they'd taught it to the
That is not a nice song!

Flame saved the day.
 it's like 'where's waldo' only more obvious:

 because make up jobs like this need close ups:
 earlier in the week, I'd picked up Sophie as a man:

gosh they had fun!
I love artsy stuff like that with Jesus as the focus of all art.
precious and true.

we will be returning next year!

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