Monday, August 12, 2013

the military life strikes again!!!!!

I reached across the table to hold her hand and pray over our dinner.
There were no kids around, they were off playing gloriously with each other and I couldn't help it.

I giggled and said, "Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm in my 20's again!"

There we were, just two couples having dinner together...just like when we were in our 20's and kidless and could go, all the time.

Some of our dearest friends from our pre-kids days are moving to the area.
This awesome family, whom we have held close to our hearts for over 11 years are going to be 2 hrs away!

WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where there used to be NO kids... there are now EIGHT.

 and boy do we have some CaUte ones!
 Welcome to the West Coast Burkes!
all six of ya!
 let's get started on EVEN MORE memories!!!!

uh...these two hit it OFF.
Dogs, gymnastics, the color blue.
I mean...really!?
And Gracie, I'm so glad you found a friend your very first day to your new state.
What a blessing!
I find the same comfort and solace and excitement in your mama!

ah...I love it.
I love 'old friends' I love looking at my floor before they came in and thought, 'Dude, that's dirty...good thing these are good friends and won't really care'...or more apt, 'I don't care because I know they love us already'.

here's to more dirty floors!


Courtney Cassada said...

that's awesome!

Amanda Miner said...

YEAH you made it!! Hugs all around!

Missy said...

Love when the military does that!