Sunday, September 15, 2013

All Dog Swim Party Sept 2013

the family that fostered Bonnie (our red/big golden retriever) are just amazing.
as are almost everyone else we've worked with from the rescue where both the girls came from.
twice a summer they host an ALL DOG SWIM party.
'cept most all the dogs who come are rescued and not normal so they don't swim.
which suits the human girls just fine!

 our second ALL DOG SWIM of 2013 was a blast full of love and pure happy.

Bonnie is right in the center of this photo and Violet is to her and your right.
There are 7 dogs in this photo but trust me, there were 10 total!
 It also happened to be 6 days after Samantha's birthday and 5 days after Bonnie's made-up birthday (we don't actually know) so we turned this ALL DOG SWIM into a little birthday party:
 everyone got cake...
 even the puppies.
all 10 of them!
(Bonnie is on Samantha's left)
 presents and hugs...all DOG related.
 and more and more swimming/riding on the one dog who would swim!
I never would have imagined that when we adopted some dogs we'd inherit an amazing extended family as well.
What a blessing.
It's precious.
And kinda blows my mind.


Bekah Boo said...

its so funny it will never cease to be hilarious..... OH MY GOSH! i love your weird little animal family.
only Jesus.
love it!

Stacy said...

I love your dog posts. They warm my heart. Not that the other posts don't.....but you know me...I'm a dog lover and love that they have infiltrated every corner of your life!