Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest Room Aug 31-Sept 2: The Burkes!

this awesome crew was here (AGAIN!) for almost the entire Labor Day weekend and the only picture I have to prove it is this:

oh Andy!
He came in to tell us that it hurts when he does 'this', and then proceeded to squeeze the heck out of his own arm with a toy!?
Kinda hard to take you serioulsy with those puppy dog eyes ears!

and this must be recorded from the weekend:

Kristy and I are training for a relay 1/2 marathon in October so we took the opportunity to do a training run together.
I took her to, literally, the ONLY flat trail in my area.
It's one of the most popular trails in the town, heavily populated (for this area anyway), it has it's own spot on Yelp, it's handicap accessible...shoot, it even has it's own parking lot.
But, I guess to a city girl, a trail in the woods is a trail in the woods.
And by 'trail in the woods' she means:
All trails are bear and mountain lion bait.
Translation:  WE were bear and mountain lion bait because we were running on a trail in the woods at 8am....ya know, 'cause bears and mountain lions love to roam around so much in the day time.

HEY! She was just keepin' us safe.
For 4.5 miles.
Just in case....there were LOUD claps and large converstaions....just in case.
(she had told me the night before she wasn't going to talk much so she could breath well but fear makes a girl do crazy things!)

I wanted (and am now) to make SO much fun of her but I knew the second I did that a mountain lion WOULD freakishly jump out of the woods.
Even though it's never happen...
To which she said, "Well, I guess we're due then!"

I may never get that girl to run on a trail again but by golly, it was worth the memory!
Then again, I may...I did take her to my favorite breakfast joint after and that Pecan/Banana/Cinnamon French Toast (did I get that right?) just might lure her back!

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