Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Day 2013

Some things about moving really stink.
Others, you can just take with you!
Like Art Day.
We just packed it up and brought it along.

Our homeschool co-op in Virginia worked with to put the kids art all over 'things' (mugs, phonecases, t-shirts, magnets, etc...) to give away for Christmas.
It was/is a fantastic idea and I'd recommend it to anyone.
Shoot. I'd even recommend it and run it for our co-op here in Cali'.
Oh wait.
I did. Which is good, 'cause otherwise this would be a dumb post.

It was just as awesome!!!
I get a charge out of doing this kind of stuff.
My only complaint about the day was that I didn't get to sit and watch/help with each individual kid.

about 70 kids, LOTS of amazing helper moms and a whole lot of energy!

 I walked them through the project step by step.

ages 0-18 (but if you were 0-5 I didn't guarantee ANYTHING other than a fun mess!)

this is sort of what we were doing:

drawing faces, zentangles AND watercolors!

the links are what I used but the actual final project was born in my head and there are no links there.
trust me.
it's a good thing.
if you're dying to copy this,
#1 - I will feel so flattered.
#2 - I'll do a tutorial (but not until someone actually needs it ;-) - tutorials aren't exactly my 'thing')

(the zentangles link is for the 'basic' book. I did use that but I also used book #2 and book #8 - I photocopied the back pages of each of those books because that page was a condensed version of all the ideas in the book and put them on the tables to get the kids thinking but MOST of the zentangles they just created themselves though, which I loved!)

 gah! I LOVE THIS:
look how amazing they all turned out!!!!!!

and there were SOOOOOOO many smiles like this one:

I love it.
I want to do more of this.
Like, take it somewhere where kids can't easily get this stuff.

Pray with me about that!
Where to take it.
How to take it.

I want to keep doing this stuff too - I love watching kids of all ages, in all stages and of all circumstances doing art....but I just feel something more brewing.


Courtney said...

oooooo....exciting!!! mostly excited about what's brewing in your HEART!!!

Anonymous said...

What if you could do it at a homeless shelter? Wouldn't that be awesome? You could come up to the Portland area - I bet I could arrange something for you! :) Love it!