Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guest Room Sept 21-29: VIPS: Nana and Grandpa FLIP!

My parents came to visit!!!!!
Always a special treat.  Always.

These pictures are in no particular order.
And there are 29 of them so they are going to stay in no particular order.

While they were here we took a three night trip to Oregon to see more family.
Both my parents are from Klamath Falls, OR, which is a five hour drive north from where we live.

I hadn't been back to see my grandparents in close to 20 years (maybe more?).
I have seen them, just not in Oregon.

So the word 'special' doesn't even come close.

It was the girl's and Jake's very first visit to Oregon.

They were just as blow away as I'd hoped they would be!
Both by the family and the scenery.

Oregon is a very very special treat.
It's spectacular in ways you can't describe.
You just must go.

You want to see some pictures?
You'll have to google search them because I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I stayed grumpy about that for too long, but seriously!? I NEVER FORGET MY CAMERA.
I kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked myself.
I did take some phone pics....at the end of this blog....but those just make me even more mad!

Oh well, that just means I need to go back!

We got home from Oregon and spent another 4 nights playing tourist with just my parents in our Gold Country area (the nickname for our neck 'o the woods).

Not sure my mom dug the massive crowds of people that have dreadlocks here but she did enjoy the shopping!
My dad grew up floating down the many rivers we have here, fishing in them, playing in them, etc...so, other than being homesick the whole time he was here, he acted like a 12 year old.  Hopping on rocks, digging for bugs under rocks, running on trails out of excitement.  It was hilarious.  I also had to PEEL him out of our grocery store co-op....he couldn't get over all the 'local' produce, meat, quail eggs, etc...
Pretty sure he had a good time!

On to those pictures I promised weren't in order:


(n - left, s- right)


One of the nights my parents were here we got all dolled up and went to our towns Pro-Life Women's Clinic yearly Gala.
We got to hear Abby Johnson speak!!! Special times!
(It's blurry becasue I forgot to put my camera on auto when I handed it over - I always forget to do that!) But Jake's hat must be shared...blurry or not!
This shot of my dad must also be shared and thankfully? it's clear as can be:


my dad cooked and cooked and cooked and cooked and we stuffed ourselves SILLY!!!! 
it was awesome!
boo...going to the airport:

the pictures that make me mad:
Picking blackberries with Grandma Louise:
My grandpa (my dad's dad) making homemade pasta....sorry, we ate it all....duh!:

Out to eat with my Grandma Mary (my mom's mom)
My Grandma Mary just moved into an assisted living apartment and the walls were lonely and bare.
My mom, Lydia and Samantha and I took care of that one day we were there.  We decided we probably did overkill but can you really overkill on family pictures?
so special to see this amazing lady!!!!!

(oh...and we all decided that THIS is who Samantha looks exactly like.  we were digging through many generations of pictures as we moved her in here and Samantha is a dead ringer for my Grandma! How fun!  Oh, and my grandma just happened to be strikingly beautiful as an adult...like, modeled and junk.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Samantha's personality on a model body? Um......Oh Lord, please protect us all!  I only tease.  It was actually fun to figure this out!)
My Grandpa Dick and Louise set us up to stay in a resort condominium.
It was so peaceful and perfect and we felt a LOT spoiled!

back to life.
back to reality.


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glad you made memories!!

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