Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I don't.

It's no secret.
Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays.
Actually, it sickens me that it's something we celebrate the way we do.
I DO love this article:

Respectfully written.
Even if you're a Halloween lover, you'll like it.
History is just fun.

Although I do detest 'Halloween' I LOVE a good fall festival!!!!

Which would explain why I'm up late on a Wednesday night gluing patches to pinnafores ... that I just cut out....and why I'm researching 'pretty clown makeup' and 'how to do Pipi Longstocking braids'.

Because it's also no secret that this family LOVES to dress up!!!!!

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Erika C. said...

Amen! To everything in this post! :) Especially since I was up sewing until I ran out of thread... CANNOT wait to see the after pictures! :)