Monday, October 28, 2013

other than the flu....this weekend:

no fair.
Jake makes better banana bread than I do:

 Sophie (r) lost the exact same tooth that Nora just lost.
Aren't we taking this identical thing a little too far girls?

 Samantha grew a moustache....
(dang Awana store!)

 and my butternut squash grew a face?
(note to self: do not leave Jake a lone in the kitche too long!)

And now it's Monday and I'm in a chipper mood 'cause I just had to clean 4 bathrooms and my children's ears seemed to be stuffed with cotton.

Here's to starting fresh on a Monday!
I wonder if I'll ever like Mondays?

(the flu update: so far only Lydia has been attatcked.
Everyone else has been fighting colds for a week or so but nothing more than that.
there's still time out there for more flu to hit but for now, it's just Lydia - who is still down but on the mend for sure!)


Courtney Cassada said...

praying no one else gets it! oh, i miss you...


kayanya enak juga tu makanannya