Tuesday, October 8, 2013

we killed it!

that was a blast!
Kristy called me several months ago and said,
"Hey! Let's run this 1/2 marathon together!"
to which I replied,
"NO!....(long pause of shock).....  I mean, No thank you."

"Fine" she says, "Then let's relay, I run half, you run half"
I replied, "FINE!....(another long pause of shock)....  I mean, ok, that sounds fun."
I cursed her when we got off the phone....
and then we did it!

I'm so glad she called!

We both ran our little hearts out and then
walked up to get our results but they were NOT there.
Stupid computer glitch.
Oh well, we knew we'd run well and were totally happy.

The next day we emailed and got it all sorted out to realize that out of 92 other female relay teams,
we were in SIXTH place!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, basically, we won.

Ok. Maybe not to you, but to us, we totally killed it!
(for perspective, the first FIVE teams got their names on the website and got a metal!)

We finished 2 seconds under the 2 hr mark!

Part way through my half I saw the lady holding the 2 hr sign 
(meaning if you run with her you'll finish in 2 hrs.)
Kristy had mentioned the night before that she's never been able to break that 2 hr mark.
I have never even thought about trying (I'm slow and I don't really care).

But when I saw that lady I just decided to try and stick with the sign for Kristy's sake!
I did.
For like 3 miles but then I just HAD to slow.
I so bad didn't want to walk and I could feel it coming.
I slowed a little but kept running.

But, because Kristy crossed the beginning line about 40 seconds after the gun went off, it bought me a 40 second delay in crossing the finish and helped us finish in under 2 hours!
(oh, and racing with some guy right at the end who'd been pacing with me for over 6 miles was helpful too!)

It was a blast.
Our metal was a cowbell...uh...coolest metal ever.

Sacramento is ugly.
Just sayin'.
BUT....the race was awesome and we won, so there!


Courtney said...

so fun! i didn't know you could relay a 1/2 - great distance! and...you're running!! isn't that awesome??

Stacy said...

That.is.awwwrsome! The cow bell part! Ha! All of it!

Beccy said...

Way to go!!!!!!

Beckysblog said...

Cow bell medals?!?! Who could ask for anything more?!?!

Liz W. said...

totally awesome!!

Tisha said...

Fantastic acoomplishment! Great job!!!!