Monday, January 13, 2014

because I'm nosy.

I'm always so nosy as to how people eat.
Not for judgement purposes or even comparison purposes but for 
because-I-love-food purposes.

In one of my other lives, I'm an amazing food blogger.
Really, you should see some of the stuff on THAT blog!
Oh..and the cookbook!  Oh the cookbook.
I travel and sign it for people and everything!

Unfortunately, this isn't that life.
This is the life that barely has time to snap bad pictures of the food I do occasionally get to cook.
(and I wouldn't have it any other way, I just like to day dream or imagine)

Jake and I went strict Paleo for 30 days a while back and pretty much all of those habits have stuck.
We aren't as strict but still follow most of the ideas of Paleo.

So...because I'm nosy, I figure you are too.
This past week the girls and I ate...

Salmon Patties over mashed cauliflower topped with  a mayo/chipotle paste sauce.
(geez, that was a mouthful...a very yummy mouthful I might add!)

oh, and I should clarify.
Lydia, Samantha and I ate this and enjoyed it very much.
Lenora and Sophie gagged it down in a record breaking time of: just under 2 hrs....not bad, really.

I followed a basic Paleo Salmon Patty recipe but subbed a Southwest Seasoning (from Penzeys) for the seasonings it called for.  Yum!

(oh my word, that is a mouthful too!!! I really need to simplify this whole food naming thing!)

And yet another night was Roast (you gotta try a roast this way, it's so amazing!! so amazing I might throw away my crockpot.  well, maybe not that dramatic, but almost)

I know I know ....  there are SEVEN nights in a week.
I do not...I repeat...DO NOT...cook seven nights out of the week.
I cook about three nights and everyone starves the other nights.
It's good for them.
Builds character.

For reals...we eat leftovers.
And Papa Murphy's for goodness sakes (hello Friday!).
What!?  You don't say!?  Papa Murphy's isn't Paleo!?  Gosh, I'm gonna need a moment...


Daphne said...

About 3 years ago I found out I have a wheat allergy (yes, allergy, not celiac or intolerance or anything). So my diet has changed dramatically since. I find that Paleo and Whole30 just fits what I can eat quite nicely. That said, I eat a good deal of dairy, regular potatoes, rice and corn. Not having the option of going back to wheat, like ever, even for a treat or a special occasion, (believe me, I've been contaminated and the pain is so NOT WORTH IT) means that I'm unwilling to take other things out of my diet that make living forever with out wheat manageable.

I can tell you that one of the biggest issues that I've had with going off of wheat has been getting enough salt in my diet. I have orthostatic hypotension (basically, my body doesn't fight gravity when I stand up to send my head the blood it needs) and my doctor is always telling me that I need to eat more salt and drink more water. You don't realize how much of the salt in a normal diet comes from wheat/grain foods until you eliminate them.

Beccy said...

We are in the middle of thirty day elimination diet including kids, and I totally laughed outloud at the 2 hours record speed!!! We have had a lot of that around here, but also some winners that everyone loves. Thanks for your honest posts about the food journey. VERY helpful!

Missy said...

Your salmon patties and mashed cauliflower had me drooling! One day I hope to make again such yummy looking creative meals! Last night it took me three hours, three flippin' hours, just to make a basic mexican meal! I wish Star Trek was real so that you could beam me over some food! Ha ha!