Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!! It's 2014...where's my hovercraft???

'member when we were little and people talked about the '2000's' as if we'd all be in matching skin tight jumpsuits living on several planets and using hovercrafts to get around?
Well....I'd like my hovercraft now please! Shoot, how about a space the one on Firefly?

SO glad the jumpsuit thing didn't pan out though.
Phew! Close one!

It was a night IN for this house 'o girls.
Not normal for us, but a nice change....not gonna make a habit of it or anything, but it was nice to say we did it just this once.
We'll be back to our partying selves next year - promise.

Our night looked like this....
library movies:

Bagel pizza's:

Well...the little girls had bagel pizza's, I had 'paleo pizza':
(Spaghetti squash crust, hamburger pattie, pizza sauce and broccoli sauteed with oregano and basil, drizzled with Tuscan Herb infused Olive Oil)

Make NO mistake...IT. IS. NOT. PIZZA.  But is WAS very very good and made me not so sad that I didn't have pizza...which says A LOT because I lurve me some nasty pizza.

Speaking of Paleo....we were talking about that, weren't we?
Costco has been out of their Almond Butter like FOREVER now and it's just too crazy expensive everywhere else.
I never wanted to attempt my own but I did some pinteresting, made my own out of desperation and now, of course, I'll never go back.
It was so so dang easy.
Who knew!?
I now make my own mayo, bbq sauce AND almond butter.
Ingredients are on their way for my on D.O. and shave cream.

In a few short weeks, I'll never be able to leave the house because I'll be too busy making crap.

I had apples and this for my New Years dessert.

Yes, this post is primarily what we ate.
I'm just stoked we didn't have to get our food out of one of those little hole in the walls that you talk to (another thing I'm really glad didn't pan out for the 2000's yet! Where exactly would stuff come from anyway? Star Trek, you have ruined me.  Actually, if they just delivered home-made condiments, that'd be awesome!  I wouldn't CARE where they came from!)

In lieu of staying up 'til midnight I told the girls they could watch 2 movies in a row and then head to bed.
It was 10pm and all was peaceful and quiet here:
(see that green cushion under the TV?  yeah, the one that is covered in baking powder on my back porch right now because....well, you'll see in a minute...)

 So, I plugged into my ear buds and listened to my audio book (The Book Thief....just a little light listening to ring in a fresh start?), folded laundry and then went to bed.

Do you see why I made this mostly about the food?
It was the most exciting part of our night.
party. animals.

No worries, it's about to get real 'round here.

What you are looking at:
1 chewed up stuffed animal,
1 chewed up tissue,
1 huge puddle of pee under the TV thing,
2 piles of poop - one on the wood, one on the carpet, it's huge but you barely see it over in the upper left-hand corner - you're welcome.
You're also welcome that this picture is fuzzy AND you can't smell it.

(now THAT is something, along with the hovercraft, that the 2000's should have brought, 'smells to the internet'!!!)

I saw the one pile of poop immediately so I went over to clean it up and discovered the other pile, the one in the carpet, because MY FOOT WAS IN IT. (shoes...I had shoes on...)

Touche 2014.
To, frickin', che.

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