Friday, January 31, 2014

my exercise lately.

Because I'm nosy and totally wanna know what YOU do for exercise, I'll share what I do.

When Jake is home I pretty much just go to yoga.
It's somewhere in the 3-5 times a week range, depending upon Jake's schedule, my schedule and the girls schedule.

I do Bikram so it's in a 103 degree room, it's 90 min's long, it's intense and heart pumping, it's not the kind of yoga that has pretty music and soft words and you leave feeling all relaxed.

You leave feeling STRONGER (and wet) when you do Bikram...maybe relaxed, but not in the 'I just took a very wiggly nap' way, more like in the 'I'm a total rock star for just surviving that' way.

And in that heat you release a TON of toxins so that relaxes you too.

But alas...Jake is not here.

I set up a friend to watch the girls every Friday so that I knew I'd get to yoga at least once a week while he was gone and anything I got over that would be a bonus! (I've had 2-3 bonuses!)

Friday's are special.
I get to do an hour long class and then stay for another 90ish min. class that has other postures (84 to be exact!), higher heat, blah blah blah....It's called Advanced, I flippin' love it.  I'm terrible at it but I just love to be in there and I love what some of these crazy postures are doing for my hips:

(doesn't look too hard, right!?  HA!?  You put YOUR knees into your armpits and then try to pick your feet up, touch them AND THEN LOOK UP.....seriously, try it ;-)...oh, and this isn't even all of it, after that, straighten your arms!!!  I'm not to that point yet, obviously.)

With my hubby gone, my exercise looks more like this:

Monday:  Run 30 min and then do a 15-20 min HIIT (I mix these up, making it up as I go, making sure to mix up the focus areas each day)

Tuesday: Run 30 min and then do a 15-20 min HIIT

Wednesday: Yoga at home.  Sometimes I just do the Bikram series (it's the same 26 postures every time) without the heat, sometimes I click on a heater, sometimes I just do some other yoga stuff and throw in a HIIT workout before or after it.

Thursday: Run 30 min and then do a 15-20 min HIIT

Friday: 3 hoursish of yoga at the studio!

Saturday: Hike with the girls and dogs

Sunday:  Sometimes another hike, sometimes nothing, one time I went to a Yin yoga class (more like the 'wiggly nap' kind of yoga)

This isn't exact but basically what it's looked like this month.

How do I go on a 30 min run when there's four kids here  you ask!
I'd have taken a picture but dude....
It's CRAZY and I'm baffled that's it's worked so well each time!

I'll just describe it to you:

There's me.  Holding onto a leash, because of course the dog comes! (only one, because the other one does. not. like. to. run....found out the hard/annoying way)
And in front of me are four of THE CUTEST little girls each on their own BIKE.
We have 'stopping points' on the route.
Points that they can race ahead to on their bikes and wait for me to catch up.

A lot of times that isn't even necessary though because we live in a mountain range so it ain't exactly flat and the bikes get walked for at least 1/3 of the ride/run.

It's insanity, on 8 wheels and 6 legs...but everyone wins.
Everyone exercises.

I have pretty much vowed to not ever run more than 30-45 min's again and I do not run UP hills.
It's too painful and not worth it.
But, I am finding that if I keep up those rules, I can still run and because I LOVE it so much, I'll take it.

When Jake gets back, I'll probably keep up some of this running/HIIT's.
I've really enjoyed them and realized how much I missed them.

Anywho, like I said, I'm nosy....
Whatch' you do?


Erika C. said...

Nathan & I have started Beach Body's T25... Love that it's 27.5 mins with cool down. Totally works with where we are life-wise! :)

Cheryl said...

You are a beast! I may have to try this yoga stuff :)

Liza said...

This is awesome, Holly! I'm so glad that you've been able to continue running AND doing yoga with Jake gone. I've become a total gym rat here at Lejeune and go to classes 4-5 days a week - Zumba (my favorite!), kettlebells, total athletic conditioning and spin usually. I run occasionally when I don't want to drive to base for a class, but I sure do miss our winding running trails through the woods in Virginia! Running in circles around my flat, treeless neighborhood is just not the same :(

Amy said...

Um... I do... nothing. Sad. Mainly sad b/c I NEED to do something! I'm tossing around the idea of trying to run. Not sure my knees can take it though, when combined with our bumpy rock roads. But I feel like I want to try it. We'll see.

You are motivating to me, though! And you look like a rockstar in this picture!

Anonymous said...

I have discovered fit2b this year and absolutely love it - online workout site. I was able to heal my core and I can exercise in my own home with my kids all around (and sometimes working out with me). There are specific kid videos too that they love. I also walk when I can when Brian is home. Gentle is my new focus (in more ways than one) and my body is thanking me for it. I have also been learning a lot about alignment from Katy Bowman (Aligned and Well). Fascinating how God made us! --Tina

Courtney Cassada said...

i also love hearing what people do! i run. a lot. 25-30 miles a week. swim once a week (mile-mile and a half). then do other "stuff" a few days - t25, crossfit type workouts. you look AWESOME in that pose!! wow!! i've tried that and it's HARD!

Amber Day said...

I find it hilarious that you act like that pose doesn't look difficult. I'm halfway tempted to try it but I'm fairly certain David would come home to find me in a heap on the floor with two snapped arms.

Anonymous said...

I take 2 RIPPED classes a week at the gym, run 1 or twice a week (6-7 miles) and do various Jillian Michaels or Jackie Warner DVDs the other days. One day a week is pure rest. But I will take walks on the rest day.

Jen Moran said...

you are totally rocking the yoga!! Reggie would be so proud of you (or maybe not bark at you :-)

Right now my exercise is lame as I am still recovering from all my injuries. Walking and the elliptical plus my corrective exercises and some weights.