Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Violet!

1 year ago today, this little girl started the flood of animals that is now our home:

 We nicknamed her Hobbit because she spent her first 7 years void of human affection and the only contact was the food source and hosing down.
Because of all that she knows she loves us but sometimes runs away scared...and then runs back...and then runs away...and then runs back.
She eats her food SO fast.  A by product of having to compete for your food from other dogs, I'm sure.
But she's also incredible sweet and soft in personality....besides her daily bouts of stubbornness.

The skittishness, the voraciousness over her food and the sweet but stubborn demeanor...Hobbit just fit.
Kinda like she just fits in our family!

We don't know when her actual birthday is so we're deeming this the day we start calling her another age.

8 it is.

Happy 1yr Gotcha Day and 8yr Birthday and Valentines Day!

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