Friday, February 7, 2014


this is one of those posts that pro-bloggers tell you NOT to post.
probably 'cause it's boring.
you've been warned.

This week has been CrAy CrAzy.

That's crazier than crazy.

1.  Our amazing friend Marcia moved in 
(which I thought was going to be the crazy part but I told her the other day, 'Um...this is too easy! I planned to take this whole week to get you settled in but instead it's like nothing happened!' - which is just a testament to how amazing of a roommate this girl is!  She should charge for her amazing roomie services. For reals.  Well, not really, that'd be the weirdest business ever.)

2.  We had to sign a new lease this month on our house and that included a 'walk-through inspection' with a two day notice.
NOT a huge fan of someone walking around my house openly judging how I live pointing out the spots on the carpet that bug me daily anyway but now I'm being judged for them!
I got all worked up about it, imagined all these terrible scenarios....I went so far as to having to be kicked out of our house right after Marcia moved in and we'd have to move while Jake was gone and it would snow while we had to move by ourselves...blah blah blah....oh, and we'd have to go uphill both

So, we cleaned our little hiney's off.  And what did the landlord look at?  My pictures on the wall and my chandelier in the bedroom. She loved them so much.  Um, hello, at least tell me how sparkly the windows are!!!!! (kidding, it was great!)
I actually specifically prayed that she'd only see what God wanted her to see and I know that was a direct result of that prayer, so it makes me smile that she loved my pictures.
She opened one closet and then asked me if I was a Christian....because she was too and she thought that was neat.

All that imagining for no reason.  Lease signed.  No moving up hill in the snow alone.  It almost feels like buyers remorse - like, 'that was a really good story with a really blah ending!'.

Blah - I'm in.
I like blah.
Blah = not moving right now.

3.  Our homeschool Co-op started back up on the same day as the walk through - which was the same day I started in on a leadership role in the said Co-op.  Riiiiiight.
There are two other leaders - one was sick and had to go home the other was sick and probably should have gone home.
Baptism by fire baby!
Welcome to leadership Holly!
It was fun but wowsas, I needed a NAP when I got home, NOT a walk-through!
(and this is where I insist that Marcia being here is charge worthy - we went to Co-op and she started in on cleaning - holla!!!!)

4.  Karaoke machine + Frozen music = oh. my. gosh. for. reals. girls!?  WHEN WILL THESE SONGS GET OLD AND WE'LL MOVE ON!?  It's simultaneously adorable and horribly annoying all at the same ding dong time.
I want it to never end. I want it to end. I want it to never end. I want it to end....and then I just get dizzy.

5.  I've never been diagnosed but dude.  I really think I have that weather induced depression thing.
Which explains my 5 years in Nebraska and why I get so sweaty when I think about living there.
It's rained for 2.5 days here and I feel myself sinking against all the great things I'm actually telling myself.
We are in one of the worst droughts in 10 years here in Cali' and the rain is so desperately needed, I love to run in the rain, it's beautiful when it rains here (we have this 'Twilight' like fog when it rains and I can almost SEE Edward flying Bella through the trees!)....but my head won't stop pounding, I'm in pain and I'm just low.
This is neither here nor there, we are all great, I'm just noticing that on top of a crazy week, I don't do well in rain, even though I like it.
(figure that one out!?)

6.  We needed a shopping day to the 'city' - it eats up and ENTIRE DAY.  And as much needed as it is - it feels like a lost day to me.  And it included the on going SAGA with my dumb vacuum!!!
I do love the city and I miss so many parts of it, but I detest a lost day.  Especially in a CrAzY week.

7.  Lydia is planning a Fairy party for Saturday and there has been prep for it all week. Shopping, creating, planning, organizing. (which means lots of piles, I love parties, I don't love piles).

8.  The girls all have a drive-in movie night at church tonight - which means they all needed a cardboard box car.  Seriously. I know this stuff is fun, but it's killer for large families.  THAT IS FOUR CARDBOARD CARS PEOPLE!  (I know, they could have shared....they could have...)
It was fun, but it was just one more 'thing' to add to this week.

9.  I miss my husband.  A LOT.  Gah.

Cardboard cars, fairy parties, walk throughs, rain, shopping day, new roommate, first day back to co-op, karaoke (cracks me up that this is on my list, but it just is) on top of actual school, cooking, and occasional shower, laundry, pet care, missing my husband....etc....dude.
I don't get paid enough.

Maybe not in $$.

But certainly in JOY and PEACE.

It's a crazy life, it's an especially crazy week...but my Redeemer lives and He is so Good.
Resting in the big picture and the fact that this is all so carnal.

Even by next week, this will all seem so silly.

And this blog post is what I like to call: Free Therapy.
So, I may not be pro-blogger material, but I also don't have to pay for therapy!
eat that!


Cheryl said...

This is exactly the type of post that should be blogged from a blogger on her blog! Thank you for posting this!

Amber Day said...

Oh my goodness. I just told David this week that I think I have SAD and he didn't think it was a real thing until I googled it. I've been so down the last few weeks but I've made myself exercise and drive around during my lunch break to get some sun. That combined with praying my little heart out has helped me feel so much better yesterday and today. I'm hoping the worst of it has passed this time around because it is such a dark place to be. I'll be praying for you, friend!

Amy said...

Free blog therapy is the best! :) I just started taking Vitamin D about a month ago... thinking that winter was getting the best of me.

Missy said...

"Twilight-esque" fog! It's beautiful, and also um, scary, b/c you can't see anything in it. =)I think a lot of people can relate to weather depression! During the hot season here people start getting mean, b/c not only is it wicked hot but also going on 8 months with no rain! Hang in there...hopefully better weather is around the corner! You're doing great friend!

Courtney said...

i take vit d every day. and STILL struggle in the winter. it's for real. and i hate it.

love that the walk through went well!

i LOVED this post!

Diane said...

Thank you for your posts. I am praying for you and all yours. Trying to get who is who stuck in my mind better. Marcia's Dad would go on 2 plus week Mission trips. She tells me I am pretty good the first week but heading toward the end she can definitely tell, I've had it. And that is only 2 weeks with three girls -- back then.