Monday, February 3, 2014

The Big D

I'm sheltered.
I admit it.

I have been calling Jake's deployment,

"The Big D"

Apparently I am way late to the game (kinda like the Broncos were...or so I heard.) and someone else has already coined that phrase.

Like, D.
As in Divorce.

Oh my.

We are not in that situation and I fear I can't even make a joke about it because...well....

that kinda Big D isn't funny.


And the day after Jake told me that's what it means to some people...

Marcia enlightened me to what it meant to her family as missionaries while she was growing up.

The Big D...

As in we-aren't-used-to-the-parasites-in-this-water-in-X country-so-give-me-some-pills-to-take-care-of-this-stuff-coming-from-my-digestive-system.....please!  now!

D as in "when you're sittin' in a bush and you feel somethin' squish...."
(that was for my brother...and all you other bathroom humor fans)

And this Big D is kinda funny....well, unless it's happening to YOU and then it's so not funny.

D = divorce
D = diarrhea
D = deploy

This sounds like a really depressing episode of Sesame Street.
And really...they're all kinda crappy (pun intended).

I feel like I've crossed so many lines I'm just gonna go hit publish before I embarrass myself further.

(and pictures with this one...there are lines and I just crossed like 1,000 of them but pictures of these subjects? um...that was line 1,001 and I just wasn't willing to go there, k?)


Liza said...

Aaah! I have totally been using the same phrase, because if super-seasoned military wife Holly calls it that, it must be a common slang for deployment, right? WRONG! :) This is funny, but call it what you like. They all stink.

Kim Baker said...

Well...we are facing our first deployment and in my head I call it the Big D Miss Holly. Never once crossed my brain cells that you were getting a divorce! So...I get your lingo sister!