Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Grand Finale

The Fairy Party happened.

I am so proud of this:
('this' is me doing almost nothing for the party and them doing almost all of it!)
Lydia started planning this little shin dig in NOVEMBER.
I convinced her it would be better to have the party after the holidays so that more people could come so February it was.
 I would go up to her room at night to see her planning it.
Night after night after night after night.

She even pintrested for it off and on.

So, Feb 8, 2014 was the BIG DAY.
She did SO MUCH for this.
I did so very little.
And I am so proud.

I really really am.
You see, I think there was more to this party than meets the eye.
Deep down in Lydia's heart, she just wants to belong.
Like we all do.
And she sees that there are some really really great ladies to belong with here and just wanted to start making memories with them.

Rather than get mad about moving or sad that all the friends already know each other well, she just plans her own memories for her to be a part of with them.

There are adults with less mature hearts than that.

I would know.

She makes me so proud.

She planned it for months, prepped it for a few weeks, it was a SMASHING success....

 ....and then 1/2 way through the party she told me she had a headache.
I rubbed some oil and Peppermint oil on my hands and went to rub it on her temples.
When I touched her I instantly knew she had a high fever.

This precious little girl had to leave her own party early.

I held my tears during Wallace and Grommet the day before and I held them until everyone left, but then the tears came.

But only for me.
One more reason to be proud of her.
She was fine with it.
A little sad but her heart was much lighter about it than mine was!!

She is so incredibly STRONG.

Fairy Gardens!!!

I may have promised her another party.
And I cannot wait to see her planning again because she's so dang cute and good at it!


Beckysblog said...

Ok, the racket wings? Priceless.

What a sweet girl. So sad she got sick.

Courtney Cassada said...

ok. i might have burst into tears when i read about her getting sick and having to leave her party?!? seriuosly??

and samantha in that group picture? too.much.

Beccy said...

Tell her I am sooo impressed with her and proud of her. What a fantastic attitude. Holly, your girls have learned that from you. You embrace and make the most of every opportunity, and create one if one doesn't exist. You are a great mom and friend.

Amy said...

LOVE the racket wings! What a sweet girl you are raising. Be proud, momma. :)