Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Today, Violet is better.  She's rockin' a cool hair do on her leg, but she's better:

 Today, and a lot of days lately, we have punched out some great school days.  Not sure where they're coming from but I'll take 'em!

My counters look like this lately:
School projects, essential oils diffusing almost constantly, 
Lysol (because I'm a natural girl until the sores on my kids mouths and the pink eye and the colds and the strep and the Lyme's all hit within the same month...then I'm not natural girl, I'm freaky-go-crazy-disinfect-I-don't-care-how-many-brain cells-we're-killing-girl.)
 Today, we pulled out the Lysol, right after we rubbed on the Traumeel and popped a Ricola all while computing...

 Today, I'd find someone 1/2 asleep on the couch at any given time:

(until we spent four hours getting eyes checked and buying glasses...but I'll just save that for another, cuter week...when the actual glasses get here! Yes, in this 'storm' of a week, we had eye appointments...I basically shouted down every hall we walked that people needed to NOT BREATH! so they wouldn't get sick.  Ugh.)

 And today, I tried to find some deep meaning as to why I keep finding great free crap this week.

This was on the side of the road with a 'free' sign next to it:

I was dropping stuff off at the thrift store earlier this week and a lady pulled this out of her car to donate and I might have asked her if it 'worked', which led to her offering it to me.
(one of those gas heater things.  our bathroom is flippin' freezing cold and this thing is amaze sauce!)

Well, if you do then you'd know why I am so pumped that this was IN THE TRASH at my yoga studio.
The. Trash.
(it was on top and I checked around to make sure it was legit I blogging that I just dug something out of the trash?  yes, yes I am....someone stop me.)

anyway...what is up with the free stuff?

And what made me think this was all blog worthy?

oy vey.

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Missy said...

Crazy the stuff that people just literally throw away! Why would someone throw that bottle out?! Blows my mind...I mean, at least ask someone if they would want it! I'm glad you saved it from the trash friend! That's ridiculous. A perfectly good bottle about to go to waste....gosh, we are such a throw away happy society, drives me nuts. (sorry, I hijacked your blog with my rant...)

I love however that the lady at the thrift store offered you that beautiful lamp! That is SO you and Jake! Score.

Love your girls. Miss them so much.

And, I may have cried when I read that you just had eye exams and bought glasses and they will be in next week. Just keepin' it real. Cried because Sydaleigh will be SO stoked to know that one of her Panter friends is getting glasses too...and because we are not able to get glasses for Sydaleigh here. =(

Can't wait to see pics when they come in.