Monday, March 10, 2014

are we better? is he back!? what now!?

 Ready to be fire hosed?
We were tired of this, no matter how funny it was:

 THIS is WAY better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot describe what it's like to be all together again.
I literally CRASHED two days after he got home.
Like, for two hours, CRASHED.

And then woke up to stuff like this:
I can't even.

Oh...and in between Jake coming home and Marcia being sick and the news that's following this, THIS happened:
And she is sooooooo excited to be in the glasses club.
She's homeschooled.  She doesn't know.  I'm not tellin' her because OH. MY GOODNESS. that girl rocks glasses like NObody's business.

 And yes, everyone except Marcia and Digory is better.
(which really means, NO, not everyone is better...poor Marcia had to drive HERSELF to the urgent care yesterday!)
In the end, FIVE of us ended up on anti-biotics.

But now, now we're back to this:

Which is great because today we're hopin' in the car to go to Oregon.
On the way to pick up Jake on Thursday night, I got the call that my Grandma Mary had finally fallen into the arms of Jesus, wiping away all her pain and granting her constant desire to "Go Home".
We will miss this amazing life but are also so relieved that her pain is over....

My Great Grandma Lenora on the left and Grandma Mary, all decked out in her Air Force uniform, on the right.

Yes, we're all better. Yes, Jake is home.....just in time too.


Courtney Cassada said...

oh my goodness. i'm definitely crying...HAPPY tears for you. ahh, my heart is lighter knowing he's home.

{and sam's glasses?? THE CUTEST!!}

Missy said...

Yes, exponentially better having him there IN person!! Glad you are all reunited. =) Sorry to hear about your grandma passing. How sweet it is that you all got to see her before she died and have such great pictures of her with the girls. I love how the Lord brought Jake home right on time to be there to support you all in this loss. His timing is always perfect. Praying you have a sweet time of remembrance with your family in Oregon this week.

Amy said...

So relieved for you! I know the news about your grandma is bittersweet. Thinking of you all. Glad you can make the trip TOGETHER!