Monday, March 31, 2014

the other part of our Klamath Falls trip....

....was with my dad's side of the family.

Always a precious time.

I do not take for granite that we live so close right now.
Growing up, in the military, it was hard and expensive for us to get back 'home' and spend time with my grandparents.  I remember those times with fondness and they are very very special to me.

And now I'm getting to see them more than I ever have before.
And now I'm getting to share these times with my husband and kids as well.
It's precious to me as it is to everyone!!!

My grandfather used to own a wooden toy company.
They designed and manufactured toys that were intended to last four generations.
The company was actually called Four Generations.

And guess what!?
My girls ARE the Fourth Generation!!!!!!!!!

At one point I looked around and realized that all four generations were actually playing the games at the same time!
It was soooo neat! 
(and these games will last WAY longer than four generations, by the way, they are SOLID!)

Not only was it neat to see them playing these games, they are not your typical games.
They are games and puzzles put together by engineers and mathematicians so they are addicting!

You can even cuddle while you play some of them!
Hours and hours and hours of our trip were spent playing these precious gems together!
My dad and Zahlen (his youngest brother who's technically my uncle but I refuse to call someone 12 yrs younger than me, 'uncle') played one of the games until I said, addicting.
And as if we didn't have enough to occupy our minds and hands, Aunt Sarah brought her craftiness with her and as you can see, there were just a few intrigued girls!!!!

(when we visit my grandpa's amazing wife, Louise, gets us rooms at a resort 10 min's outside of town so it literally feels like we are on vacation - the place we stay is so beautiful!)

And the fun hobbies continued with a trip to an air field for Grandpa to show everyone his fun remote control airplanes: 

(my mom and I went to lunch with my Grandma Mary's friends so we missed this but I sent my camera in lieu of me and Jake did good ;-)
He builds these and belongs to a club that all fly them together and learn from each other. the way, it's amazingly beautiful in Klamath, next time I'm going out with just me and my camera to capture some of it for myself....

Except Jake...this was the airplane crew for the day:

And this was the 'kids movie' corner....

The next trip...I need to focus on pictures with me in them and pictures of the beautifulness that Klamath Falls is.

But no matter...this was a precious trip.
Both for the sake of my Grandma Mary's funeral and for the sake of so many great memories made, for me and Jake and the girls, with other family members!


Mom B said...

Beautiful pictures Holly. You captured some precious moments here. Jake, the airplane crew picture is awesome!,, love you all"""

Missy said...

Whoa, those games look awesome! Tell me where I can buy them!

How did I not know your dad had a brother 12 years YOUR junior?! That's crazy! I feel like I always see your moms side of the family on here, and Jakes too, but never your dads....this was cool! Loved getting to see more of your people!