Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter day stuff...

Easter baskets!
Always fun to put together.
Always fun to watch them open.
I love it!

 Marcia's mama sent some amazing handmade doll dresses for the girls too.
So sweet!

AND...she sent me some goodies too!!!! Holla!

 Dolls, dresses, head gear, Easter, I can't take it!!!!!

 Doll love!

And then the tradition of having friends over for some good food and a great egg hunt continues.....

Little kids are funny.
Lovin' every second of this 'big kid' stuff!

 ready, set, go!

and go...

 keep going....

 and go...

 egg hunting in the ferns!!! go go go!!!

blurry picture,
amazing memory.
Lydia slid on her backside ALL THE WAY down this hill because she thought she saw the golden egg and literally sacrificed her backside to get it.
It wasn't the golden egg but it was an egg and it was amazing!

The Golden Egg was actually at the top of this tree...go AVA!

 the loot 2014

and then we ate and talked into the night with amazing friends.
I had a permasmile on my face the whole next day.

thank you Schmitts and was awesome!!!!!!


Liza said...

I am so happy and so jealous at the same time! Love the dresses, love that you had friends over (duh) and love how much both twins look like you in these pictures...especially the last one :)

Courtney Cassada said...

my kids STILL talk about our easter with you guys! one of our favorites!

Missy said...

Umm...shall we say awkward tween pictures! bah ha! You should start one of those...they exist for just about everything else!

And totally diggin' Samantha's doll's head gear! Didn't know they made those!