Tuesday, July 15, 2014

todays little thing

The sun on Lenora's blue hair and inquisitive face.

at the craft table,

 which allows my dining room table to explode with other less annoying things than beads and thread and paint. 
(I have FOUR daughters....FOUR.  Dude.  Still weird. Will it ever not be?)

I put the extra table up for a Bunco party and was too lazy to break it down/four little girls thought it was cool to have a kid sized table so it just stayed up for a while.

Crafts, beading, sewing and painting started happening on it and I wondered why I hadn't thought of that before!?

Happy accident.
or was it Happy laziness?

Don't matta' to me, now MY stuff can explode on the dining table instead of theirs.

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Mom B said...

Awe life is back to normal and all good now! Seems like something was just off when I couldn't see a post from you! Thanks so much! Dad is over there muttering to himself" blue hair, blue hair, my granddaughters have blue hair! Then he suddenly says, " but I like green hair " too funny your Dad is!