Saturday, October 4, 2014

Living Well Gala!

Our local women's pregnancy clinic has a gala every year.
If you've known me for like 2 seconds you know I LOVE a good excuse to dress up!!!

Jake has been volunteering at the clinic for a while now. 
(well, he's on a break due to long hours at his 'real' job, but he'll get back there soon!).

We had a blast dressing up and inviting some friends along to dress up and party for a good cause!

We love our local clinic.
They are TOP NOTCH.

And, we love our people.
They are even TOP NOTCHER.

I love it when I hear someone say, "let's do a funny picture!" and then I'm the ONLY one who hears it.
I hear voices in my head sometimes...

It was an awesome night!!!
Thank you to all our amazing friends for saying YES to coming!

I love ya for it.

(not pictured are the Collins family!! cause they ran away!!!)


Beccy said...

Love the shoes! You sure do know how to dress up and have a good time! :o)

Courtney Cassada said...

your people (and you!) are GORGEOUS!