Tuesday, November 18, 2014

and then they were EIGHT.

sooooo weird.
so so weird.

I have twins.
And they are eight.

I'm still not over the news that I'm pregnant with twins.
And yet, they are eight.

How did they get to be eight?

Did I mention they were eight?

And so full of spunk it isn't funny.
Actually, it is.
Like, all the time.

Sophie left, Lenora right.

they requested something remote control, they didn't care what, just remote control.

Lenora gets to blow out first because by a whole 7 min's, she's older.

 Sophie.  And no, we do not wait 7 min for her to blow out her candles.  We love cake too much for that silly business.


Courtney Cassada said...

i LOVE that they wanted ANYTHING remote control :-) cuteness!!

Anonymous said...

I can still see the dazed faraway look in your eyes when you came late to our MOPS leaders thing and sat down on the middle of the couch and told everyone you were having twins -- and Jake had just deployed. Can't believe that was over 8 years ago! --Tina

Mache said...

Wow! Give them hugs from us. Sorry our hugs are late. I can't believe they are 8. We miss you all do much.

Beccy said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls. How are our kids getting so old????

Amy said...

So have I really been following your blog and getting to "know you" for over 8 years now?! That's crazy! How have we not met for real, yet?!