Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I love electricity and cats are distracting.

I can now check off  'writing a really random sentence' from my list of things to do today.

(first half of the random sentence)

But seriously.
Our electricity went out yesterday morning and stayed out for 15 hrs.

Nothing like going without to make you remember what you have.

When our electricity goes out, so does our water, because the pump is electric.
And so does our cell phone coverage.
And so does our phone, apparently.

And the generator that came with the house that started up just fine last year, wouldn't start and the $6 phone I bought that says 'WORKS IN POWER OUTAGE' (liars) didn't work. 
This is all really depressing when you can hear all your surrounding neighbor's generators roaring at full blast.  
I think they were actually audibly laughing at us. 
No, I know they were.

 I had to drive down the hill to call anyone .
Like the power company, whose message on the machine says that you can now check power outages online?  um....this makes sense if you live in a city but is almost comical here.  
No, it's just comical.

No water.
No phone.
20 degrees outside.
1 broken fire place.
1 half cleaned fish tank sitting in the kitchen sink because the power went out right in the middle of me cleaning that nasty thing out...
but not before we discovered that 10 min's prior to me deciding to clean it out, the cat ate the fish.

I love electricity.
The end.
(I have that 'Technology' song from Napoleon Dynamite stuck in my head now.)

Just so I have company in my misery, here you go:

(second half of the random sentence)

And then there was this.
There's always this.
It's like the cats have it out to defeat me.

ME: "_____(insert daughter's name) please go do your school"
Cat: "Time to destroy all concentration in all children in the house!!!!!!!!!"
ME: "Noooo!!!! (wait, let me get the camera...but then STOP IT FOR GOODNESS SAKES!)"

I should just stop buying school items with string.
Maybe that would help?
And pencils.
And paper.
They like to play with those too.
We are going paperless, stringless and pencil-less, that's all I can think to do.

I'm going to hit publish now just to prove how much I love electricity!

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Stacy said...

That's why we don't do cats.