Friday, December 14, 2007

been busy

While we were enduring THREE snow/ice storms in a row Jake was packing his swim trunks, sunscreen and leisure reading.
I am proud of what he does all the time but this was a stretch!
I can't say where he is right now but I can say that I just checked the weather and it's 77 degrees at 11pm at night!

I wish we could all be with him and I'm sure he does too!
Because of his departure we celebrated our Christmas Day early.
Thanks to snow storm #3 it really felt like Christmas!

(Jake was here but someone had to take the picture!)

So, now I'm flyin' solo. With all my 'regular' helpers in place of course (it's been a while, I forgot I had 'regulars'!) - we are doing well and are excited that this is just a 'short' one.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh you're girls look way cute in their Christmas PJ's!! I love it!! -Erika