Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Come on In.

early AUGUST 2007: (no pic) SQUIRREL found sitting on a basket inside my front door.
Her name is Lucky and all the neighbors feed her. All the neighbors went on vacation and because I wasn't feeding her, she decided to let me know who was broom won and she made a quick exit!

late AUGUST 2007: (no pic) BABY CHIPMUNK entered home through the garage house door. MOMMY CHIPMUNK came in after and they wandered around lost for several hours, baby escaping way before mom (go figure) but not before both of them left many many trails of poop for me to clean if I don't clean enough poop around here.

SEPTEMBER 2007: LARGE NASTY SPIDER about the size of THREE quarters is in my entry way. It was so big that I saw it out of the corner of my eye cross the hallway and I thought it was a small rodent!!!! I was so grossed out I had to close my eyes and throw my shoe at it praying that I'd hit it. It took three trys! Bye bye spider.

OCTOBER 2007: PRAYING MANTIS hanging on my curtain. Had neighbor girl take it back outside. I am not allowed to kill these, Jake almost broke up with me when we were dating over me killing one...although I still detest bugs, I steer clear of these for the sake of my marriage...small sacrifice but I really get tempted when they are in MY house!

DECEMBER 2007 (today): A BIRD. This is getting ridiculous. This bird was so fast. I closed the garage door, saw the bird still in the garage, hit the button to reopen the door, immediately started closing the house door and before it was shut, the bird was in. This bird hovered at an open door across the house only to turn around and come back in the house -
WHAT IS THE DEAL????????????????????????

your eyes do not deceive you, there are finger prints on the TV....oh yeah, and a real live wild bird sitting on top.

DATE UNKNOWN: Whenever I find the creature that did out!!!!!

Serioulsy, I made NONE of this up. Do I have an invisible sign only readable by animals that says "Come on in"!


Team Summers said...

Maybe you're a modern day Doolittle!?! Have you heard them talking to you? Heheheh!

Amy said...

Our list includes: 2 birds (both with broken wings so they can't fly, they just hop around frantically), 3 lizards (the kind that when you (or the neighbor boy, in my case) grabs them, their tail just comes off, many crickets (our cats pull their legs off so they can't jump around and the cats can just bat them around)and a baby bunny. And here I thought it was just our house! :)

Robyn said...

OK--I don't know about the first five or six---but let me know about that last one. I seem to have the same occurance of this animal in all three of our bathrooms. :-)