Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dance Recital Christmas 2007

I was really curious how this 'shy in public places' child would do dancing in front of a large crowd.

She seemed to be more flustered that we were watching than the big crowd.

Half way through she decided she'd just come sit with us. Not because she was afraid but because it got her more attention (more? she is in front of a large crowd and our eyes are glued, how could she need more??? :-). After coaxing her to get up she did so with no tears or fight, which just proved my theory!

I think my 'shy in public places' child is quickly turning on me - which I love, of course.

She did great! Enjoy the pics and video - wish you all could have been there (I'm sure she does too!)

You did great Lydia! Your daddy, mommy and sisters are so proud. We can't wait for the next one!

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Team Summers said...

PRECIOUS! We loved the video! Ben made us watch it again and again!