Sunday, December 30, 2007

it's the moments

it's the moments, not the days, that get tough around here.
today was so full of love and support, we had no where to go and nothing to do, but there was this 10 minute moment that when I look back on the entire day, it's what sticks out like a soar thumb causing me to think 'that was not a good day'.

I would not win 'mother of the year award' for this moment, actually, they would condemn and judge me instead I'm sure.
I hate moments like that, moments when I fail, moments that I pray the Lord will erase from my children's memory and moments that I pray even harder my children will not emulate.

So, I will pray and I will get better. I will never win 'mother of the year' but I do pray that I win 'mother of my children's hearts' - in spite of my many many short comings and short temper.

p.s. we are on the mend around here, far far from 100% but ok. only ONE clean up today.

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Amy said...

'mother of my children's hearts'---I love that! Happy 2008 to you!