Monday, December 31, 2007

the unseen hero

I am posting this, without my mom's permission, but as I sit here sobbing and a little relieved I just have to share thinking that there may be another mom who needs to sob and needs some relief over this as well.

You know, I have many moments in my history in raising you and Jonathan, where I was appalled at my behavior, shocked and dismayed at my actions. I know the sadness you feel, for I have been there too. I think you and Jonathan turned out to be amazing people, despite my failures. God is able to do miraculous things with our shortcomings!
You learn from your mistakes, you seek God’s help in not repeating them, and you try to do your best. That is what He asks of you.
I love you, precious one. Smile today…

so, my mom, once again, is added to my hero list for this week!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement and love I needed to hear right now... THanks for sharing the wisdom from your mom.