Friday, January 25, 2008

the babies

The most current ways we tell Nora and Sophie apart:

Birthmarks - Nora has one on her head and back, Sophie has one on her arm. So, currently, we use Nora's except that her hair is getting really thick over the top of it!

Face Shape - if you look really really really close....really close....Sophie's face is more round and Nora's face is more long....really close.

The Comic - are you laughing? it's Sophie. is someone laughing at you? it's Nora.

Pacifier - Sophie.

Climbing/Scaling - Sophie. Yesterday I found her sitting on her changing table when I went into get her up from nap (my kids might sleep in a closet sometimes but I do, again, draw the line with the changing table!), most days she figures out how to scale the toilet to get to the vanity, couches and chairs are old news to her....up or down, she can climb. Nora thinks it's easier to just have you do it for her, why waste the effort? I love it!

Crying - with very few exceptions, it's probably Sophie, don't worry, she'll stop in a second.

Stealing, hitting, just plain being bothersome to all her sisters - Sophie. (are you seeing a trend?)

"Up!" - if someone is very audibly and unmistakably telling you to pick her up and has her arms stuck straight in the air allowing no room for mistake of what she needs, it's Nora. I have never seen ANYONE fall under her spell and NOT be able to pick her up - it's hilarious.

Talking - Nora asks questions. Sophie is demanding something, we're not sure what yet but I am scared.

Similarities: walk on their knees, exactly 24.9 lbs each, exactly 30 in. each, like the same foods, independent, loves to cuddle, sleeps in the same position, both starting to walk/stand.

all things that I wish I could put in a bottle and then just open whenever I want!


smithfive said...

okay mommy - those are differences that only a mommy would figure out - and just wait until they are old enough to start pretending to be "the other one" I have a set of cousins that would do that and not even mommy could tell them apart!

hold on holly - you are in for a ride with these girls!

Robyn said...

I need to look more closely at their face shapes next time I see them. Usually, I spot this difference in identical twins. However, in these photos, it seems like Nora's face is rounder and Sophie's is longer. Hmmm--I'm due for a one on one face studing session with your cutie pies.

Robyn said...
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Cassie said...

they are both adorable! i love reading those quirkly little things about each of them. very cute. you'll be so glad you documented it one day!!