Thursday, January 24, 2008

my bad

I don't know what I was thinking!!!!!!??????

Jake was due home either today or Saturday so this week I:

put clean sheets on the bed,
bought his coming home dinner,
bought some fun cookies for him,
told the girls 'he's coming in four days!!!' (Lydia knows what that means)
and set up a date night, babysitter and all.

So, really, should I be surprised to hear that they won't be coming home this week?
Instead it should make perfect sense that they are going to be there 30 more days because what was I thinking planning ahead????
So goes the life of a military wife.
We are amazing at playing our own 'mind games' and we are pretty practiced at waiting.....for everything.

I guess it's a 'really cool' reason as to why they have to stay but I say there is a 'really cool' reason to come home too ;-).

Seriously, I am proud of you Jake and excited that you get to be a part of 'this' - even though I am not allowed to know what 'this' is! We miss you and love you but we will be just fine - don't you worry!


Anonymous said...

AHHH, are you kidding me? Oh girl. I am about to jinx myself when I say this, but a delay that long has not happened to me yet (knock on wood)so I don't know what you are going through, I can only imagine. Maybe you need to lock yourself in the closet...


Christina said...

You know the drill, CALL IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!!!!!!!! We want to help! Really, we do, how else do I get my baby fix?

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry, I know that's got to be rough, especially for you and Lydia! We are praying for you here in Alabama!

Every time I read your blog I wish we lived closer so that I could lend a hand!

Love you friend!


Courtney said...

oh, i'm so sorry! you have a great attitude...better than i would have, i'm afraid.

Angela said...

Oh, such a bummer. I'm so sorry. Your hopes must've been dashed! So sorry!!