Friday, January 4, 2008

The Christmas Card Collage 2007

Dec 1st.
Jan 1st.
Thank you Zettermans, Malpass, Svajgls, Millers, Ottos, Darts, Myatts, Wiebes, Bushs, Wolfes, Uhligs, Oelrichs, Kings, Nigros, Miners (you win the coolest card prize!), Vilters, Bakers, Aunt LZ, Burkes (you win the coolest picture prize!), Brennans, Conants, Strongs, Landers, Schaefers, Thomassees (you win the silliest picture prize!), Thompsons, Summers, Finans, Novaceks, Lallmans, Zakers, Corrine, Bentons, Kate, Vidals, Panters, Colllins, Granddaddy, Grammy, and the Sanfords for all the GREAT cards and pictures.
It's our favorite part of the season!


Anonymous said...

I love going to the mailbox this time of year too! On those hard days, its a great reminder of family and friends that make life a little easier. Thanks for the coolest card vote!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll recieve the Gresham Christmas Card by Valentines day! Hahaha one more reason I love my fam...Bitter/Sweet in loosing that name. Love ya Lady! Miss You! -Erika