Monday, January 28, 2008


seeing as how this is the first day of an actual week that Jake was supposed to be home, I am choosing to focus on the positive today (it's sorta working):

It's 50 degrees outside. Warm enough for us to take a 45 minute walk in our quad stroller and then just stay outside in the front yard for hours. - I could stop here, really, I have been begging for this for months now, but there's more....

I was given the treat of a wonderful break last night - I got to go shopping for me and everything was on clearance, it's like they knew I was coming! It's been a long time.

A friend just called to say she's bringing dinner this week (this happens every week and I don't know what I'd do without all these meals but in the spirit of focusing, this week got highlighted.)

It's 50 degrees out.

My mom might come to visit...even if she doesn't it's still nice to know someone recognizes you need them!

The biggest, the girls are just cute today -

And, once more, it's 50 degrees out


Anonymous said...

I love getting a break from the cabin fever, letting the little ones stretch their legs and fill their lungs with fresh air. They sleep so much better after that. Congrats on the shopping, retail therapy hits the spot.


Angela said...

Awesome! So...where are the pics from your shopping spree? ;)

Tera said...

Okay so did you jinx us by complimenting the weather? It is not 50 degrees at my house today!! Glad you got some outside time, I wish I would have taken advantage of it as well...Have a great day.