Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm hungry.

I am trying here.
I have been drinking 'more' water now for 14 days straight and my bladder is not playing nice.
It still hasn't 'adjusted' like everyone says it's supposed to.

And I am trying to eat correctly which means I'm just hungry.....all the time!!!

I know it only gets better but for now, again, I'm hungry.
(of course, that's what got me here in the first place right? so, going in another direction to get me out of 'here'.....it's just a very hungry direction.)

p.s. funny thoughts: when Mari Windsor (Windsor Pilate's) after a workout says "You should feel taller, leaner, more sculpted" and all I really feel like doing is to cry and curl into fetal position....very funny Mari.


Naomi said...

That's so funny! I did those videos a while back and I would say "I feel taller, leaner and more sculpted!!" after doing anything... cooking, going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth. Mari Windsor is a funny lady.

~K~ said...

Have you tried hummus? I know it is a little scary if you haven't tried it, but it really isn't bad! (with red pepper strips, any crisp veggie, crackers, pretzel sticks, etc.) It is more filling, healthy and yummy...worth a try! ;) ~Kristin

Holly said...

I eat hummus almost every day...it's the 'amount' of hummus that kills me!

Courtney said...

Once again, after reading your blog...I can relate! Hang in there is all I have to say! I did Mari's Windsor Pilates two summers ago & if you are following the diet plan that came with it---you WILL be hungry! It's normal. I was hungry for the first full week, maybe two. Anyway, my point is...I eventually lost 30 lbs. doing that stuff, so it really does pay off. Hope this encourages you!!! =)