Tuesday, January 15, 2008

if money were no object....

just dreaming (and copying from another blog)

here are a few things that I can't live without, but do!

1. Bunn Tiger M-1 Super Automatic Esspresso Machine:

$9,999.99 (it's on sale this week!) - the actual one I want is only $500 but I couldn't find the picture-same thing though, just fewer cups of coffee - like 15 at a time instead of 272. A plane ticket to see my husband, a nanny to take care of my kids while I'm gone and a house cleaner to clean it while I'm gone (and maybe the last one could just stay when I get back?!)

3. Because I can't justify spending $.59 a box when the Aldi brand is $.33 a box.....so, those are a few of my current "dreams", what is too expensive for your everyday life (just curious)?


Erika said...

I am dreaming of a really good spa day. Back when we both worked and didn't have kids I would have promptly made myself an appointment, bought myself a latte on the way and a bottle of wine for when I got home. Now though I spend five minutes holding up the line in Target so I can find my .50 off coupon for spray n wash

Anonymous said...

This beautiful green couch & coordinating chair from sofa express... That is way out of the budget for Nathan & I...even at their 'going out of business' sale! -Erika G.