Sunday, January 13, 2008

the mob

"How does she do it?".....once again, here is how I 'do it':

go to bed at midnight
wake up at 5am to a fussy baby
stay awake until 6am listening and waiting for that baby to go back to sleep, she should NOT be awake (oh yeah, and now it's two babies because Sophie doesn't know how to just cry it has to have some umph behind it always)
6am give in, get up and make bottles
go back to bed
lay there in an asleep/awake state until 7a (because I have it stuck in my head that we need to leave at 8:45a to get to church when in actuality we need to leave at 8:10a so I should have stayed up at 6 and just gotten ready....but no, I am a doofus so I just lay there)
7a big girls 'wake' me up, I'M UP!
get ready and in the process realize my mistake....start rushing.
Lydia dresses herself and sort of helps Samantha get ready
mad rush of dressing, hair, shoes, potty, etc.....

breakfast: (here's where it gets good!)
it's 8:30 and we needed to leave 20 minutes ago.
What to do for breakfast?
Lydia dumps, with permission, a large pile of apple cinnamon cheerios on the ground
All four girls form circle around pile and being to chow
I add to the circle a cheese stick in each hand, six hot dogs cut up into small pieces in the middle and a sippy cup of Ovaltine to everyone.
Breakfast served.....mob style.

It needed a picture but there was no memory card, so you got this instead!

We made it to church and I missed the singing but that was all.
It was an amazing glad we went.

so, that is how I do it....I feed them mob style. how do you like that?!


Marc, Jaimee and Ben said...

You really need to start submitting some of these to a parenting magazine... I love it! Hysterical! And quite a good job, might I add, of hitting all the major food groups!

Tracey said...

As a mom of four, I was on the same page as you. Been there, done that! Not this weekend though. I got the prize at the church social for the most time consuming potluck dish- a beautiful layered jello. And, for KayLee's 8:00 am away basketball game, I prepared snack bags of homemade chex mix and lovely cut-up fresh fruit for the game.

Keep smilin'.
Tracey Sarvis

smithfive said...

and in the future.... you can feed them "assembly line style" which was/is one of our favorite Sunday morning rituals - as you load them into the car they get handed a sippy cup of milk, granola bar, and if they need more - the infamous go-gurt or cheesestick! - no mess on the floor or on the table - and you get to eat and drive - two birds/one stone....

Amy said...

I love your stories.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO awesome. Heehee! I love reading about these adventures.