Thursday, January 24, 2008

not so perfect

the sound proof room has a loop hole.
Her name is Nora.

I 'hit the pillow' at 11pm and Nora must have felt left out of the shocking post because she immediately started wailing.

11:15p Bottle #2 inserted. Failed.
11:45p Diaper changed. Failed.
12a Ibuprofen dispensed. Failed.
12:15a Placed into sound proof room. FAILED!!!!
12:50a Rescued her from the room. Found her standing up screaming out of the opening (I draw the line at closing the door all the way but she found the 4 in. opening and boy was she mad)
1a Rocked for 30 min. (did you know that Heath Ledger died?) Failed.
1:15a Bottle #3 inserted. Finally.

Not sure what that was about.
I should have known that my 'scared of everything' kid would not have done well in the sound proof room.
And I mean everything: radios, dogs, bathwater, ball pits, loud noises (which means she's just scared most all day!) and now, the sound proof room!


Angela said...

Heath Ledger died?!!! I heart Heath Ledger!!! Off to google...

sorry about your stinky night...hope she doesn't have an ear infection...that's how my kids act with ear infections...

my 3 year old who only had a handful of potty accidents EVER has had 4 in the last 24 hours. had to change the sheets twice last night. whazzup with that?

Marc, Jaimee and Ben said...

Same here... as angela above said that is. The only times B was nutso like that it was the ears :( What a good mommy to keep trying and loving on her! See :) even though you have a 'sound proof room' you're still completely present when their needs are the real deal and require more then what I like to refer to as a major time out :)