Thursday, January 31, 2008

...oh, and one more

Here is how Lydia tells the little girls apart:

Sophie (today) was the "FLOWER BABY" and Nora (today) was the "HORSE BABY"

tomorrow may be what color they are wearing or what color pacifier is in Sophie's mouth but either way, they are labeled each morning accordingly and THAT is how Lydia keeps it all straight....duh?

(side note: Sophie posed for that picture. I said, "Smile!!!" like any good mom would and that is what I got - she held that pose until I was finished and then 'umphed' to see the picture of herself - smarty pants)


Robyn said...

Just love Flower Baby's outfit. Had one identical to it for Rebekah. I also find Lydia to be one smart cookie to figure out a system that works for her.

Anonymous said...

What a system! That is hilarious! -Erika G.