Saturday, January 19, 2008

ok girls.

"what was that?! when mommy has friends over or is having a party with lots of guests you need to help, have fun, let other people hold you and make them feel great about themselves that you are letting them hold you. that's all. it's not much.
what you don't do is what happened tonight: fight over mommy's lap for two hours, beg for food for two hours, sneak candy for two hours, cry when mommy isn't giving you 110% of her attention for two hours or not let other people, who were ready, willing and able, hold you for two hours."

p.s. it was a beautiful shower but that is the grumpiest hostess I have ever seen....when I inquired as to who she was me.
p.p.s. no more parties or showers with the girls here until they can get into the spirit of things!
p.p.p.s Lydia was great - giving credit where credit is due and yes, she is allowed at future events
p.p.p.p.s (is there such a thing?) I was grumpy because I really love those type of events and I was anything but enjoying myself.....blanket apology to anyone that had to be in my presence tonight, you deserve and award for not punching me.

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Stephanie said...

I didn't think you were grumpy, but maybe now you can understand what was all going on - you were sick. Hope you are better soon.