Sunday, January 20, 2008

sick sick sick

sitting in church today just minding my own business when it dawns on me that I have been shivering for the past 30 min.
not sure why.
I stood up to go get the girls out of nursery and involuntarily tears come to my eyes.
I hurt.
every inch of my body hurts and I'm so cold.

picked up the girls while choking back major tears of pain and got out the door with the help of a friend (it's snowing here, AGAIN, and is about -10 degrees)

we swing through a drive through because I knew I wouldn't be able to feed my own children

we pull into our driveway, I get out and after closing the door I heard all the locks engage.
I now have a roaring fever and I've just locked 4 babies in the car in below freezing weather.

Let the tears flow. I couldn't even understand myself when I opened my mouth to talk.
Between the neighbor and Lydia the car was opened again.
What a brave little girl. She could see me losing it and stayed calm anyway.
kids truly can be so amazing under pressure!

we got inside the house, ate lunch and after putting everyone 'down' for a nap - doesn't sound like they took naps - help arrived.

I just slept for 5 hours straight and I feel no better....

gee I wonder how tomorrow is going to go?


Marc, Jaimee and Ben said...

Oh no! There's a terrible flu bug going around our town too. I'm so sorry you're sick. Praying for a very speedy recovery.

jody said...

oh geez, that sounds miserable.
so sorry!! hopefully it is a quick one...

Angela said...

Oh, it just sucks to be sick when your a mom! I'm so so sorry! I will pray for you right now!

Courtney said...

i sure hope this is short lived!