Wednesday, February 18, 2009

8 things

8 Things Tag that Tisha passed along...

I learned so much reading her lists and told her that it revealed things that only 'neighbor' type of friends would know and by now knowing them I've crossed some 'blog land' line and I liked I thought I'd cross the line for you too....that is, if you're not already a neighbory type of friend!

8 Favorite T.V. Shows:

1. Firefly (hey, it didn't say it STILL had to be on TV right?!)
2. Jericho (I really need to catch up with the times!)
3. The Office
4. ummm...yea, I don't get to the tv very often...more of a movie type of gal...this little quiz isn't starting so great!?

8 Favorite Dishes:

1. Pizza
2. Enchiladas
3. California Chicken Burger type of things
4. Grilled Steak
5. Grilled Veggies (namely red peppers, zucchini and squash)
6. Macaroni and Cheese
7. Really really good salads (like with nuts and cheese and fruits and....)
8. Spinach Artichoke anything

8 things that happened Yesterday:

1. Cleaned under the couch and book shelves in the living room...ew.
2. Took kids out to play at a community center.
3. Got kidnapped by some sweet friends for a birthday celebration.
4. Made dinner, lunch, breakfast
5. Wore a sparkly crown
6. Listened to the Mama Mia soundtrack about 50 times ;-)
7. Great talks with Jake - he's just cool
8. Was a mom to four little ones....

8 things I look forward to:
1. Working out every morning
2. Coffee when I get home from working out
3. Warm weather
4. BIG dreams coming true
5. Where we will move to next
6. Maturing/turning 40 ;-)
7. One day adding to our family through adoption
8. Jake coming home from work every day!

8 things I love about Winter:

1. Living in a warm climate and being able to visit the 'winter'
2. Watching someone else in the 'winter' in a movie
3. Reading about 'winter'
4. Dreaming about Summer
(I'm trying to be positive here but really, I have NEVER claimed to be a cold weather gal)

8 things on My Wish List:

1. Tact - I missed that in the creation line-up and have been wishing for it ever since
2. That all our girls will be buddies when they grow up, little to no drama when adults
3. To be a part of the rescue of young children enslaved to unthinkable crimes
4. A different house
5. To go back to Greece with Jake one day - actually, any kind of grand trip would do!
6. Time to refinish some furniture
7. Warm weather
8. That we all, as a family, would do something that MAKES us have to pray everyday - scary and for His glory, everyday, every one of us.

So, I noticed some themes looking back over this...
#1 - I am rebellious and never finish 'forms' like this
#2 - I am cold and want to be warm
#3 - I had to think too hard on some of that and it's stuff that should be right there - what's up with that?

YOU are tagged - every one of ya -
YOU know who you are, now let me know who you are!!!

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