Wednesday, February 18, 2009


my sign says: Happy 29th + 373rd day birthday! funny. so so funny.

So, my sneaky little devious friends (who aren't so sneaky after all...hee hee....) kidnapped Kara and me and carried us away for an amazing birthday celebration!!!!!!!!!
They are soooo cool.
We laughed, a lot.
We ate, a lot.
It was perfect.

(because I blog about some of these people some of the time, here they are in order, at the table:
top row: Stacy, Kris, Liz
bottom row: Kara, me, Becky, and Melissa)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - that was a blast!


Amy said...

The picture where you are all being silly... I clicked on it to make it big... you look SO MUCH like Lydia! Or is it Samanatha? Or both. Crazy resemblance, though!

Missy said...

Oh my gosh-you had to post the one of me grabbing my leg! That poor guy who offered to take our pictures, he was probably thinking, "these chics are nuts!!". Ha ha-had so much fun! We really needed that. :)

Mom B said...

That looked like a really fun day Holly! Friends are jewels in the crown of life, and I am totally convinced that the people God brings our way, each and every one of them, serve a purpose in shaping us to be the people He desires for us to be. Count them all as a blessing! Love you!

Angela (I am Pooped) said...

Happy Birthday Holly.

heather said...

looks like you had a great time!
I'm looking forward to the's my bday!