Monday, February 23, 2009

hair cuts

Lydia.....yes, you read that right....LYDIA
found a pair of scissors yesterday at nap time and CUT HER HAIR!!!!????

SO not like her. Took us off guard.

Took her to Sweet and Sassy today (marketing geniuses is all I have to say)
and now I can barely look at her.

It's still 'long' by definition but see those pictures up in the header?
Cut about 5 inches off.....

pictures are coming but I can't bare to look at them right now.....

(yes, this was on top of the Day Two stuff, really, it was a great weekend but looking at the list of disasters is making me laugh!)

SamSam got hers trimmed and she just looks adorable.
As usual.


Anonymous said...

We had the same experience with Lizzie a couple weeks ago. After the initial shock we think her new "do" looks so cute.


Tisha said...

Cutting the hair can be looked at as a rite of passage, can't it? Minor in the big picture....Trying to look at the bright side : )

Stacy said...

Be glad it was only 5". My girlfriend's little girl had shoulder-blade-length hair and now has cute, just at the ear-lobes bob as a result of a self-haircut. Then last weekend...the same little girl, took the scissors to her sisters hair! Luckily it's "hideable".


The Hofers said...

holly - I know the shock as Ella did it last summer -- very frustrating! It's hard to see those long locks gone...I now can laugh at it! :)

Amanda Miner said...

Sarah gave herself a mullet one day, I CRYED!! She came out of her room brushing her fingers through her hair as it was falling out in clumps! on the ground saying "aren't I beautiful?"