Monday, February 23, 2009


great weekend.

adorable kids.

fun company, small group and date night.

new running shoes - having problems and this WILL fix it!!!

WE GOT TO CHURCH and lunch out with friends after. yippee!!
(we've missed so much that several people actually wondered if we'd moved and others, you could tell, were worried about us spiritually ;-) hee hee. what are ya gonna do?

there has been a personal character issue on my heart and in my prayers this past week and it JUST SO HAPPENED to be the subject of this week's usual when God is speaking to me! Go God, that's as eloquent as it gets right now.

The twins....
if DESTRUCTION had a face, it would be theirs.

One entire bottle of lotion dumped in the play room sink, along with an entire lotion bottle of water, wipes to play in it with - Day One

Hand soap from the bathroom sink dispensed ALL OVER the coffee table in the living room and a pot holder to play in that with. -

Sophie pooped in her panties (still does this off and on - grrr), tried to hide it but missed and "it" was all over the bathroom floor, towels, her legs, the wall, the toilet, get the picture - Day Two

Candle holders from the living room (no candles) in the bathroom?, an entire container of anti-bacterial wipes OUT - half in the toilet and half on the floor, what the candle holders had to do with that is still causing my brain to rattle - Day Three (today ;-)

what next girls....WHAT NEXT!???


Shelly said...

I feel your pain. My husband and I are staying with my brother-in-law while we build a house so I am helping him with his girls, single dad to a 3 year old and an 18 month old. So a couple of days ago the oldest decided that she was going to powder her sister and the bedroom, 1/2 of the bottle was all over the baby and all of the contents of the room and the better part of the air in the house. After talking to her about this and giving her time out my brother-in-law thought that was the end of it and put the powder in the drawer of the changing table. Two days ago I am watching the girls and had just left the bedroom to go start a load of laundry, I began to smell a very clean smell and thought that the detergent was just stronger than usual. As I left the laundry room I realized the smell was coming from the back of the house. When I rounded the living room and headed down the hall I was met head on by a cloud of, you guessed it, baby powder. ALL over the room again and the baby and herself. Needless to say that the second offense is worse and she got a spanking. But on the bright side the bottle is empty so there is no threat of it happening again.

Tisha said...

You have me laughing...
Dealing with the exact same poo in the pants scenario every day or 2 around here. Yucko.
Glad you had a nice, *relaxing* weeknd ;-)

Courtney said...

your weekend sounds great. i mean, as great as it gets with 4 little ones, right? :-) i love how that "stuff" doesn't really phase us anymore. it used to have my blood boiling for days...