Friday, February 20, 2009

we eat on the run every Friday.

"No Happy Meals today everyone, we are all getting chicken nuggets, french fries and water, ok?"

"Ok mama....."

(this is normal for us, Happy Meals are reserved for extra special times so there isn't a whole lot of protest but there is more money in our pockets and less junky toys in the trash...if ya know what I'm sayin'!?)

Lydia, after a long thoughtful pause, as serious as can be, asks,

"So, are we just getting the Sad Meals today?"


and then I quickly checked myself because she didn't get what was so funny?
if one is Happy then OF COURSE the other would be Sad....duh.


Stacy said...

That's hysterical!!! I love it!! I totally understand the toy thing! Usually if they get them...I throw them away within a week because they don't care anymore and I just find them laying around!!

Robyn said...

Oh my--too, too, too funny!! However, for the times you get the toy--when you get ready to toss it, consider donating it instead. Every elementary teacher I know begs for gently used Happy Meal/Kids meal toys. They LOVE them!
I usually send about 50 at a time to school and figure 5 will come home from the 'prize box'. I just keep resending over time.
That's my plug to help a teacher today. :-)

SarahRJohnston said...

That's too funny. I hate the Happy Meal- Avalyn doesn't even like the food, such a waste. I only take them once a month (if that) and ussually take them to Wendy's or some other place if I have to- and for some reason they don't even ask for the kid's meal anywhere else and if they mention the toy on the sign I say no we don't need that (wish it worked at McDonald's). I'm with Stacy, unless it's an actual toy they play with, I throw it away within the first couple days.

Sara said...

That made my day :) And we always pick Chick-Fil-A, because they have aweseome toys, or you can get ice cream, and that is always happy :)

Tera said...

I LOVE KIDS!! They seriously make life worth living! I am seriously excited to see how your girls minds continue to work as they grow. My kids are starting to scare me, but we are still loving life!!