Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the weekend

It was a three day weekend for all of us.
It was Valentines Day.
It snowed something like 4 or 7 or 10 inches (I don't even know?) in just a few short hours.
It felt like a month worth of activity!!! (in the good way)

We sled,
we ate out, we ate in,
I ran errands (yea for new towels and sheets - I always wait too long to replace that stuff!),
I came home to a beautifully decorated table as my precious gift for the big day - thanks Jake and all the girls! - totally forgot about a picture in between my tears - it was precious,

Samantha spent half of one of the nights awake and not happy so that equalled no church for most of us -
I had a meeting so I did go for that -
came home with lunch,
headed back out with my hommies to deliver all the Hearts of Hope Baby Shower loot we had been collecting (and found out that this baby shower deal might be on MTV??? look for the 17 yr old single mama from Nebraska on True Life or something like that!? fun stuff.)
Jake had a night out with the dudes so I stayed home to hang with the girls a little,

and then Monday, I don't even know what we really 'did' other than just hang out
and I got to catch up with my buddy that I mentioned a while back who was headed to a Mercy house for treatment and she is doing so GREAT!!!!
Saying all those idealistic things we all said at the ripe 'ol age of 18 ;-)....it made me smile, outside and in.

And now it's Tuesday.
But really, it feels like Monday.
And we all know how fabulous I am on 'Monday's'.
I have managed to tick Jake off with my high-maintenance self, be to hard on my girls, and say the wrong things to my friends....
Strike one, two and three and it was all before noon.
Go me.

I did, after all my strikes were gone, decide to snap out of it, realize all I have, be thankful and choose joy and see the work of God in all I see and do.

Which is where you find me now :-)
Convicted about a bad attitude but excited that we had such a great weekend!!!!

We can't always say this but we really did make the most of our extra time.
Go us!

(ooo...and on a totally different side note: I did run for 2 miles straight this weekend - like STRAIGHT and with some incline!!!!! it hurt and felt great all at the same time - it's been a while and I just want to keep track, so that's all!)

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