Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Nora and Sophie don't really say 'banana'
they can, they have, but they much prefer to just flip their tongue around a lot and assume that we know they are saying 'banana'
and they are right and I will be sad the day they stop doing it


Dad said...

I just can't imagine a world without Bananas! What a great fruit.... Look at all the joy it brings!!!

Courtney said...

too cute!
and i loved hearing YOUR voice! :-)

melanie said...

that's how tate "says" elmo! i don't know why though. we don't even watch it. but if he sees elmo, he starts flipping his tongue around.

socksofftoyou said...

Holly, All of your kids are so stinkin' cute. the twins have gotten huge since i last saw them. i don't know if kara told you but i will be there on april 22nd. i won't have natalie with me but i will have noah. i look forward to seeing you and your girls again. :)