Tuesday, March 31, 2009


we were doing so good.

feeling defeated again this afternoon.

the morning went fine.
crazy but not defeating.

Another toilet water incident, another dumping of water incident, another diaper cream on baby dolls face incident, too much whining, too much outright defiance, more touching of doors issues and I'm done.



Amy said...

I am feeling your pain, except mine is just one that I am dealing with. Sophie and I are having THE WORST TIME lately in the mornings. Huge meltdowns, drama, crying, screaming... all over stupid stuff like tights or socks or hair. I am trying different ideas and can't seem to get anything to work. Then my days at school are not getting started great b/c I have all of 10 seconds from when I walk her to her classroom and return to mine. Not quite enough time for me to "decompress." The evenings haven't been great, but at least Daddy is here to help with those. I am truly at my wits end and don't know how much more of this I can take. Ugh. So I'll think of you... and say prayers for you... and be thankful that I am dealing with 1, not 4. Good luck... to both of us. (and let me know when you figure out the answers) :)

Kristen said...

Holly! I have spent the last week reading about your amazing and crazy fun life... I just love you. I know you've been told a billion times but thank you for giving your friends a glimpse into your daily life- I really did not think I was normal or the things I have thought and felt since having the twins were "normal" :) This has given me a new found sense of confidence in what I am doing... I am officially starting my blog!! Woo Hoo! I just hope to capture our sweet "chaos" as well as you have and are doing with yours! I don't want to ever forget either :)

i'm beccy. said...

Wanna swap kids for a day? I am in serious need of a girl fix, and totally up for the challenge. :o)!

Stacy said...

Those days are so frustrating. And we all have them. I hope that today is better. Do your girls' attitudes carry over to the next day? I know sleep just wipes the slate clean and each day is new. Hang in there!! You're not alone!